There are Dead Cockroaches in Food Packages, Air India Sued Passengers
Riding the plane would be fun. But it becomes a nightmare when it's in your diet.

Passengers are traumatized after cockroaches are found in their meal packages. Rahul Raghuvanshi said he flew with Air India from Hyderabad to Chicago via New Dehli when he saw the dish of disgust. dreaming about cockroaches

Rahul says he likes food on long-haul flights. But after eating almost all of this dish, this journalist and engineer found him a creature curled up before his last bite.

The allegations are found increasingly insulting to Rahul who turned out to be a vegetarian and only eats veggie dish.

After discovering the shock that made the stomach heartburn, Rahul uploaded the image of the food on her Twitter account. The picture shows the food remains low with insects on the aluminum foil tray.

"Now Air India serves cockroaches for vegetarian food on Al127," Rahul writes on his Twitter account quoted from (18/11/16)

This angry passenger even added #sakitperutsaya, #trauma, and #kecoa in his upload. Other Twitter users also responded angrily.
Some have written 'Is this how they handle passengers?'. And some others call this company "airline fail".

The airline replied to Rahul's upload with an apology. dreaming of cockroaches

'We apologize for the inconvenience. We have zero tolerance policy in this regard. Further action on this incident must be done "wrote Air India.

Senior Manager of Indian Water Communications Section Dhananjay Kumar said, 'Air India recorded the incident seriously and issued a notice to the catering department in question immediately.'

Further investigation was undertaken

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